Saturday, February 11, 2012

New SSIS Wiki pages for you, and a surprise for me

I have continued to add content to Technet Wiki this week, and I just spot that I'm on the leaderboard. Very funny - it seems I'm more active this week than Ed Price. He must be on holiday or something :)
OK, I have created less popular articles, but hey - he is an Official Wiki Ninja! :) [LOL, nice acronym.]

Anyway, it's not unthinkable that I'll get higher on this list since there is a lot of things to write and link here.
If you're interested in SSIS transformations, and you would like to see short summaries including references to the details, just follow the link.

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  1. Um, well, that week had its results: I was the top contributor that week :)
    Check it at ! :)